Free Tip – How to Design a Website for Your Business!

Have you ever wasted hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to get a simple website designed and launched? Our very own John the CEO has over 20 years of designing and developing very complex business websites for Fortune 500 corporations and he is providing the best tips free! Well this is the perfect video for you! Be sure to share this video with all your entrepreneurial friends today. Watch the video and watch it transform the way you look at your business plan!

Hey entrepreneurs! This is John the CEO of with your free business tip on how to properly plan the design of your website. Listen up because I have many years of professional experience developing complex websites for major corporations and I will show you how to plan your website like the big dogs!

Before you spend one dollar on a web design professional, or go to WIX or WordPress to add one web page to your site, you need to think through what you want to do online. Start with a very simple business plan first. Not a complex plan at this point. Your business plan has to address what products or services you offer and how potential customers can use your website to buy them. You have to think of the ways your customers will engage your business to buy from you as easily as possible. Often, small business owners make the mistake of not linking the business plan to the website design plan. Don’t use outdated business plan templates to make your business plan. Instead, think of your business plan as a way for your business to use technology to help your customers buy from you.

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