Toyota’s Move In Day: Short Term Traffic Pain, Long Term Lifestyle Gain

Dallas Morning NewsV3-305309950

With ten entrances ready to receive 250 employees per week to the new, ultra modern U.S. headquarters campus right down the street from us, Toyota is embarking on the next phase in it’s 50 year plan to position the global top 25 corporation into a leading force not only in Plano and North Texas, but the world.


Toyota’s new U.S. headquarters in Legacy West, Plano | Dallas Morning News

The 100 acre, million square foot campus sits on the northern end of an upscale, jet set area called Legacy West:

Legacy West, a 415,000-square-foot mixed use center in Plano, Tex. opening June 2, is an example of the new breed of shopping center, with its compact design, heavy emphasis on e-commerce brands, concept stores from established retailers, strong food lineup, and office, residential and a hotel on the property to ensure a captive audience.

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