Upscale News Under 2

“Is Rihanna in trouble with the Muslim world? Also, which would you choose: BMW or Aston Martin?”

These stories are in your upscale update. I’m John the CEO. Let’s get you caught up…

Looks like Rihanna’s successful lingerie fashion show was too hot to handle for her Muslim fans. They called her out for a performance segment that they felt made a mockery of their religious practices. She promptly apologized. Will that be enough? Time will tell.

In more fashion news, Chanel went live on Instagram with their 2021 Spring Summer ready to wear fashion show earlier today. Visit their gram to check it out.

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Curvemonsters Glam released Volume 1 of their popular Fall Cuffing Season video mix. It’s a visually slick and musically sick production so head over to Curvemonsters on YouTube or CurvemonstersVideos on Instagram to check it out.

In luxury news, Bulgari is bringing their watch and necklace A-game to your face with some stunning videos. Gotta love it.

BMW is adding a spark to its Fall campaign to reach the upwardly mobile jet set crowd with its latest M3 and M4 luxury cars. Very nice n spicy.

And not to be outdone, the venerable luxury car brand Aston Martin uploaded a stylistic, visual feast of a video, complete with sexy shadows and highlights that is the envy of automotive videographers.

And there you have it. Let’s meet up again in the next video. Ciao.

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