50Plano TV Update – Cardi B Makes $9 Mil a month? Dallas Multimillionaires, $16 Mil Modern Mansion

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Cardi B makes $9 million a month on OnlyFans?

Cardi B accused of political terrorism

Dallas multimillionaires doin’ nothin’ for a living

This sick kitchen in $16 million Florida modern mansion

Need something to wear this Fall? (sponsored)

“if you asked someone what they did for a living, and they replied ‘nothing,’ would you think they are a lazy bum, or an early retired multimillionaire? Also, how would you like this stunner as your kitchen? And coming off the heels of Rihanna’s apology to Muslims, rapper Cardi B found herself in hot water with her own group of fans in the northern part of the Middle East.”

These stories, and more, are in today’s upscale update. I’m John the CEO. Let’s get you caught up…

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