50Plano TV Upscale Update – Where are you flying to for your upcoming Fall Ball soiree? $8K for a babyseat?

Where are you flying to for your upcoming Fall Ball soiree? $8K for a babyseat?

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Is your wardrobe ready to impress?

The most popular electronic gifts this December…

Which baller and rapper dropped $8k on a tip and a car seat?

These stories, and more, are in today’s upscale update. I’m John the CEO. Let’s get you caught up…

The world of big time rapper Cardi B stays in the news cycle. This time, the focus is on her estranged rap star husband Offset. Never mind that for her posh Las Vegas birthday, he dropped 330 stacks on an exclusive Rolls Royce Cullinan. He made sure their baby had a well appointed luxurious babyseat at a whopping $8K, according to The Jasmine Brand dot com. And not to be outdone in easily droppin’ 8 stacks like that, NBA Houston Rockers baller Russell Westbrook tipped his coronavirus bubble cleaning staff the same 8 stacks, simply because it’s the right thing to do. Must be nice.

With Christmas and other gift holidays coming up, it might be a good time to check your list and check it twice—not to see who’s been naughty or nice, but to make sure your gift ideas are not stale and boring! A surprising area of popularity for both men and women in your lives will likely be electronic gifts for video bloggers, including ring lights, flexible phone camera tripods, and green screens. Along with those gifts come flying camera drones. The best drones will cost between $500 and $1k, though bargains can be found below that (just be careful not to lose them if they’re too cheap to find their way back to you lol). Also, with vloggers becoming quite competitive, having the right video editing software is important. To save money, DaVinci Resolve version 16 is free and is arguably the best video editing software that even the big boys in Hollywood use! You’re welcome. Check out our Amazon store under “Electronic Things” for an easy, convenient list of all these gift ideas. And of course, we stand to make a few coins off each sale, but it ain’t like Amazon’s backing up the Brink’s truck on us!

In fashion style news, who will YOU be wearing this Fall as you attend all those formal balls and masquerade galas? Getting the right look is essential for maintaining your influence among the jet set crowd, and to network for business, or to move into more powerful circles in the upper echelon of society. As with our Electronic Things Amazon page, we have several Amazon fashion lists to at least give you quick ideas without compromising quality. Our friends at Curvemonsters Glam took hours of time independently picking the best names so that you don’t have to. Call them your clothing stylist, if you will. From Norma Kamali to Teri Jon, Vince Camuto, Marchesa Notte and Diane von Furstenburg, among other notable labels, the discriminating woman can’t go wrong. And fellas, we got you covered, too. Links are in the description.

Finally, from our Dallas Escapes travel series, here’s some travel motivation ideas for you and your crew this Fall. To display your eye poppin’ styles during the Fall ball and upcoming skiing season, do you know where you’ll be jetting off to? Interestingly, some jet setting professionals plan to attend local formal soirees, while others whose wallets were unaffected by the economy will be dashing away from home. And of course, skiing in nearby but swank skiing villages in Colorado, Idaho and Utah requires some early planning so don’t delay. Happy travels, my friends.

And there you have it. Be sure to shop for Fall ball season styles using our hand selected Amazon store (links are below). Don’t forget to follow this upscale channel and hit that “concierge” bell to the right. Let’s meet up again in the next video. Ciao.

Upscale Links for the Jet Set Beautiful People:

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