Who crashed the Forbes list of richest self made women? Is Lincoln getting in bed with SLS Resorts in Cancun?

Which fashion and beauty entrepreneur crashed the Forbes list of richest self made women?

Is Ford’s Lincoln car brand getting in bed with SLS Resorts in Cancun?

What country known for upscale travel is offering rewards points just for entering?

Which world class luxury resort in Utah commands $5K per night? And which of your favorite celebs recently stayed there without you noticing?

Mansion motivation from some upscale YouTube channels

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50Plano TV Upscale News Update

These stories, and more, in today’s upscale update. I’m John the Cee Ee Oh, comin to you from our studios in Plano, Texas. Let’s get ya caught up…

Fresh from her successful and partially controversial Savage Fenty lingerie fashion show, Rihanna introduced herself to the 2020 Forbes list of richest self made women, stormin’ in like a gangsta at that number 33 spot with a net worth of $600 million. She joins the ranks of Oprah Winfrey, Zoom Video CFO Kelly Steckelberg, the mother of all Kardashians Kris Jenner, Kim and Kylie Kardashian, fashion moguls Donna Karan and Tory Burch, former queen of BET Sheila Johnson, pop legend Madonna, makeup maven Anastasia of Beverly Hills, queen of jewelry Kendra Scott from right here in Texas, and of course queen Bey Beyonce. Congrats to Rihanna!

Perhaps you’re familiar with the luxurious Lincoln brand from Ford Motor Company. And if you’re part of the beautiful jet set crowd, you should already know about the trendy upscale SLS hotel resorts brand. I stayed at the SLS Baha Mar in the Bahamas a couple of years ago and had a blast. Well, SLS has just launched a chic new hotel in sunny and fun Cancun, with assistance from Lincoln. Nice branding co-branding strategy.

Time to book those rooms as Mexico is one of 11 countries still open to US travelers without all the bureaucratic fuss over virus tests. Just use common sense when it comes to keeping yourself healthy and safe. Don’t forget to visit our Amazon page for jet set travel fashion ideas.

And closer to home, some luxury hotels are fatifying their in-room dining service to enhance the hotel experience of guests affected by coronavirus restrictions, according to Fodors travel magazine. Hotel Bel Air in California is one such hotel, with help from none other than famed chef Wolgang Puck. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout! Cheers.

Speaking of pimpin’ out the hotel experience like drippin’ diamonds all over your body, frequent travelers are used to hotels showering them with reward points, but have you heard of an entire nation doing that? Well the favorite destination of the rich and famous, Maldives, is offering a rewards point style system for those who simply visit the exclusive island nation.

And staying with our hotel resort theme, who would have thought that Utah has a seriously lavish resort and spa retreat that the jet set crowd visits? It’s called the Amangiri, or Aman Resorts in Utah. The lowest price for the cheap room, if there’s such a thing, is a whopping $2,200 a night! But Kylie Jenner would have none of that as YouTube channel The Richest estimated she slammed down a monster $5K a night for her stay! And we just found out how much Kylie Jenner’s jet is worth: $72.8 million, according to Celebrity Insider dot com. We found out it’s a Global 7500 Bombardier business jet. Whew, must be nice.

Finally, here’s some mansion motivation from some of our my favorite luxury lifestyle channels on YouTube. Imagine the possibilities of you in your dream home. Such thoughts should keep you focused on your plan to get from where you are now in your journey until you get to you desired destination. Enjoy the ride my friends…

And there you have it. Be sure to shop for your seasonal ideas and electronics using our impeccable Amazon store (links are below). Don’t forget to follow this affluent channel and hit that elegant dinner bell to get your regular dose of upscale updates. Let’s meet up again in the next video. Ciao.

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