What did rapper Rick Ross just buy? Have you seen the latest Porsche 911 Targa 4S?

How many stacks did rapper Rick Ross lay down for his new Georgia estate?

What Plano based curvy fashion magazine released their latest Fall video?

What’s the coronavirus policy for your favorite state to travel to this season?

Dreaming of a cold weather escape to the Caribbean?

And exotic car motivation with a legendary late night talk show host, covering the Porsche 911 Targa 4S

These stories, and more, in today’s upscale update. I’m John the Cee Ee Oh, comin to you from our  Plano, Texas studios. Let’s get ya caught up…

According to TMZ, “Aston Martin Music” rapper Rick Ross gave up a million dollar bag for 87 acres in Fayetteville, Georgia, roughly 20 miles from Atlanta, near his main mansion. The new property has two houses. Go, Rick, go!

Famed luxury magazine Robb Report had to relocate its exclusive car of the year event from Napa Valley to Paso Robles due to the ongoing, extreme fires in that part of California. The new location should go off without a hitch.

Our close friends at Curvemonsters Glam just released volume 3 of it’s popular Fall Cuffin’ season video. This time, it’s transitioning to costume season, which kicks off this weekend. Are you ready for the masquerade balls?

Travel during coronavirus for Americans has been confusing, but getting better. Popular travel site Kayak.com has a convenient page showing the restrictions in each state. California surprisingly is loosening up a little. Texas is pretty friendly. This time of year, Colorado is ramping up for ski season, but you gotta book some accommodations in advance. Check out the site for the full scoop.

Speaking of travel, the Caribbean is opening up more and more, with Belmond Resorts opening their arms wide. Check out their Mexican Riviera Maya resort for more details, as well as Anguilla or An-ghee-uh, or however you prefer to say it.

Finally, some exotic car motivation to keep focused on your goals, with help from legendary comedian and former Tonight Show host Jay Leno and his YouTube channel. He looks at the Porsche 911 Targa 4S, which also comes in an exclusive heritage trim, that adds elements of it past glory, and mixes it into the 2021 model. This year has had a lot of challenges that can easily distract you, but if your business plan and life goals are worth it, you won’t let any negativity throw you off course. The best diamond is created in a volatile environment, and only the best stones make it. Be that stone, my friend…

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