What legendary singer is the only one in history with a number one single in four different decades?

What legendary singer is the only one in history with a number one single in four different decades?

What’s a super luxurious ski resort you can book for two this winter?

Did Masquerade Balls in 1800s European Royal Court Circles Resemble Today’s Gentlemen’s Clubs?

And motivation from a spectacular Bel Aire, Cali mansion

These stories, and more, in today’s upscale update. I’m John the C E O. Let’s get ya caught up…

According to Billboard magazine, legendary singer Mariah Carey has a number one song in the 2020s as her classic “All I Want for Christmas” tops the charts. This is the second year in a row for the Christmas favorite that at one point, she did not really like. Now that it has earned over $60 million and counting since its debut way back in 1994, she has come to love this gift that keeps on raining Benjamins all over her body.

As we approach Christmas and New Year’s holidays, our itch to travel this winter starts to increase. And with ski season in full swing, the jet set crowd is already on top of their travel game. But do you know where you want to go yet? Well, Pursuitist online luxury magazine has some great ideas. One of those is the bad and boujee St. Moritz Badrutt’s Palace in Switzerland. And what a Swiss ski palace it is. If your pockets are deep and you got it like that, this very swank, upscale resort has spectacular room for any budget. And if you have to use the word “budget” when you travel, then you’re in the wrong place (lol just kidding). The top of the line St. Moritz Romantic Getaway Suite for 2 will set you back about ten stacks, or $10,000 for two nights New Year’s weekend. But if you’re not quite ready to part with that much bread, they have excellent rooms for about $1,500.

From now on, we’re adding a new feature to our format that looks back in history at some very naughty boys and girls who amassed wealth in bad, bad ways. We’re calling it “Greedy Flashbacks.” For instance, one of our upcoming episodes will detail a very swank, high society 1800s French empire ball that kinda resembled today’s upscale strip clubs, such as having private rooms for those courtesan sugar babies who caught the lust of French court sugar daddies who then wanted a more private session. After the session was over, the sugar baby usually ended up with a royal title, a mansion, an annual salary that rivals some executives today, and more. Some courtesans even danced on very expensive royal dinner tables with no under garments on and exposing their breasts. The high society ladies did not like this, but their husbands would later book private sessions with the beautiful, much younger girls. Many of those perturbed wives would later share their husbands’ affections, and wealth, with their future replacements. There’s nothing new under the sun, as the Bible says.

Finally, some motivation as we show some sumptuous visuals of other cars from DuPont’s top 50 list of the most expensive cars…

Motivation topic: 6 Keys To Driving Your Business Through Team Culture. I’ll list 4 of them here. You can read the rest on StartupProfessionals.com, links below.

In other words, a leader who can balance humility with drive will see results, my friend.

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St. Moritz Badrutt’s Palace

Luxury Hotel St. Moritz | Winter Vacation Engadine | Badrutt’s Palace

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    What’s a super luxurious ski resort you can book for two this winter?


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