Our Music Team is Busy for Curvemonsters’ Spring Break Season

After Winter gave Texas a black eye with that historic Snowpocalypse, Spring is looking very nice across Dallas Ft. Worth. When the sun comes out, that’s when the skin comes out among spring breakers, and that’s when our buddies at Curvemonsters kicks in to their Spring Break season with their virtual online party video mixes. But those video mixes need to set the right party mood with the soundtrack, so our production team at 50Plano Studios, headed by hit executive producer “BruvaJC” (aka “John the CEO”), injects the right hip hop, dance and pop sounds.

We sat down with BruvaJC, who gave us the following quote about the fire anthem “U Make Me” that is gonna be the theme song of the Spring for Curvemonsters and 50Plano TV:

“I wanted to make sure that Spring 2021 starts off with the right mix to set the tone for all the beautiful women on Curvemonsters, and keep their fans bobbin’ their heads to the pounding beat and the sultry vocals. I like for myself and our team to outdo our last season, and I like where things are for this year. Spring evokes certain colors and upbeat moods that are a little brighter than other seasons. Summer is similar, but a little more energetic as people get crazier in the summer. But I look forward to how the soundtracks help the Curvemonsters brand.”

And we agree! Shout out to BruvaJC and the hit team. Check out the video at the link in this post. Buy the hit Spring anthem at the following online locations:


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