Don’t Forget Dad Again!! Plus Tulum, Curvy Swimwear, and more…

This is from “Father’s Day Gift Guide – Five Last Minute Luxury Gift Ideas to Show Dad Just How Much You Care”

I won’t cover the entire list. The link is below for you to check out the entire article. For the dads who need a portable bar when they go on vacation with yo mama, or when they need to sneak to the motel with their side piece (oops, I didn’t say that), they list a very upscale $225 stainless steel bar set from Neiman Marcus. Check it out. I might need one.

Straight from Fodors Travel magazine is a report on the most lit things to do in Tulum! You can’t beat the spectacular Mayan ruins, adding an air of mystery to your romantic jungle mix. Of course, the food is outstanding. The upscale AirBnBs are not as expensive as you might think. Fodors Travel spotlighted the very nice NEST Tulum luxury compound which has 12 phat upscale rooms right by the white sandy beaches. And of course, you can’t beat the stunning cenotes mystical water holes! Check out the full article on Fodors.

And speaking of Fodors, have you gained unexpected weight this spring and need to balance staying in shape while enjoying the delicacies of the destination you travel to? Fodors is spotlighting an innovating fitness app called Sworkit! It can help you revolutionize the way you stay in shape while you travel. And our very own Dallas based billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has his hands all over this one. For the curvy ladies who like to be seen on the beach or by the pool in the sexiest swimwear, check out the Fodors spotlight on Avid Swim! And also be sure to visit our very own Curvemonsters on Instagram for more curvy swimwear ideas this summer!

Even though Vermont is considered a Fall and Winter wonderland type trip, perhaps you might need to rethink that notion for the summer. If you decide to check it out, you gotta stay in a pimped out cabin with sweeping views. All those beautiful, luscious trees absolutely requires you to stay as close to them as possible, doggonit! And quite obviously, this means their hiking trails are insane, my people!

Ok, lovers of luxury. What are you waiting for? Git up and git out there and have fun this summer as things open back up!

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