$177 Million Malibu Mansion vs $78 Million Hawaii Pad – Moments in Luxury

Jeff Bezos Dropped $78 Million on Maui Getaway

Billionaire Marc Andreessen Buys $177 Million Malibu Compound

Swiss watchmaker Hublot has continued to redefine the concept of luxury wristwear

A stellar review of the stunning 2022 Bentley Flying Spur

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From the in-the-know website Dirt.com comes this story from earlier this month where billionaire Jeff Bezos and his longtime partner Lauren Sanchez, who recently made headlines when she was caught gazing into the mesmerizing eyes of Leonardo Dicaprio, reportedly acquired a mammoth 14-acre oceanfront estate, earlier this month, that is all by its lonesome, way out there somewhere in Hawaii. The La Perouse Bay property has dense greenery and bushes and rich people crap, but has an insane main house, guesthouse, swimming pool and convenient access to immaculate sandy white beaches. The Hawaii mansion has a large, swank pool that looks out towards a sweeping, breathtaking view.

Besides that, another tech billionaire, Marc Andreessen, and his wife Laura Arrillaga, dropped a record-breaking $177 million for an incredible Malibu compound. California’s priciest home ever has a 10,000-square-foot main house, two guesthouses, a car collector’s kick ass garage, screening room, poolside cabana for those dranks and bikinis, servant’s quarters and several other rich people structures. All that nerd power paid off very handsomely, so you should learn the latest technology and find your inner billionaire.

From one of my fave men’s websites, Man of Many, comes this story about the venerable luxury watch brand Hublot, a favorite of Jay Z. They have an eloquent way with words in describing the creative genius of the watchmaker:

“Since their very beginnings, Swiss watchmaker Hublot has continued to redefine the concept of luxury wristwear. The first brand to combine gold and rubber on a watch, they approach every release with the same underlying radical philosophy: that one can find brilliant common ground between various extremes.”

From insidehook.com comes this stellar review of the stunning 2022 Bentley Flying Spur in all its opulent glory! What a beast of a luxury machine. As the website put it in such a well appointed manner:

“The battle between the front and rear seats has never been more acutely felt than in the exclusive world of ultra-high-end luxury automobiles, with the question of whether one would prefer to drive, or be driven long, defining the traditional split between two of the U.K.’s most storied badges: Bentley and Rolls-Royce. Today, owners of the latter are far more likely to bring a chauffeur with them to the dealership, while the builders of the former still recall a sporting heritage inextricably linked to models like the classic Blowers wheeled by James Bond in Ian Fleming’s original spy novels.”

And that’s it for this moment in luxury, a new feature of our upscale update to help keep you focused on your dog gone motivation and stop procrastinating before it’s too late. I’m John the CEO. Be sure to like, share and subscribe so we can bring you even more spectacular moments. See you in the next video. Take care.


Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez Buy Hawaii House – DIRT



Inside Marc Andreessen’s $177 Million Malibu House – DIRT




Review: The 2022 Bentley Flying Spur Offers 360 Degrees of Blockbuster Opulence – InsideHook


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