WOW The Top 5 Mega Mansion Shows of 2021

January is the month we look back at the best luxury shows on YouTube the past year, and this list looks at our top 5 luxury mansion episodes of 2021. The format is simple: we start with number 1, and then do the remaining 4 videos starting at 4 and working our way back to #2. And at the end, for those loyal followers, we throw in an extra video clip of a mystery favorite episode so you’ll want to stick around till the end. Ok, without further ado, let’s go on with our pick of the top five mega, mansionable mansions—yes we said “mansionable”…so new luxury word alert! you heard first right here!

Number 1…

Starting off with number 1 is one of our two most favorite luxury home youtube channels, the Enes Yilmazer channel. I’ve personally been watching this channel grow almost from day 1 as I mentioned in a previous video countdown. This particular home in the South of France that he and his team covered has the perfect mix of old world Italian chateau style, with contemporary components including modern, pimpin azzz elevators with glass and steel, a sleek workout gym overlooking the indoor pool, plus an insane indoor nightclub with a nonstop DJ booth, socially appointed full bar and upscale bathrooms like a 5 star world class club. I mean, what the heck! Where they do that at? What an eye poppin home nightclub! As if that weren’t fat enough, the tantalizing home theater room is right next door, turning this whole dam section of the mansion into an indoor entertainment complex!

In keeping with the sumptuous spirit of this immaculately impressive monster mansion, Enes shows his audience a very, very engaging sight: that dog gone backyard scene is sick indeed, with major rooms having sweeping views of such stunning landscape architecture blended with modern, zero edge pools and fountains. The courtyard up front has that grand castle entrance reserved only for the VIP elite who are worthy of an invite to such a palatial estate. When you live in a pad like this, you know you have arrived in a major way. Good job to the Enes channel. Be sure to check out the complete video on his channel, and of course, check out all the channels we feature in this list.

Number 5…

Well, since our headquarters is located in Texas…the upscale Plano to be exact…we had to show some love to big big Texas mansions, so we’re going to Austin, 200 miles south of us, which is a favorite for rich Californians fleeing the west coast these days. The Kumara channel makes our list with a quarter of a million views on this clip. Good job. This is a very appealing mansionable. Just check out the impressive views. It should be illegal to be this good looking of a house.

Number 4

This mansion is so delicious looking that I might just take a big bite out of it….mmmmm. The Ryan Serhant channel has been going gangbusters with luxury real estate videos and this one is no exception. We really enjoyed it and hopefully you will too. Absorb the views…

Just look at this!

Number 3

Back at it again is the Enes Yilmazer channel, this time, near Las Vegas. The cars, the house, the clothes, the views…it is easy to see yourself getting immersed in the calming esthetics of this crib. With those fat cars out front, this mansion almost looks like a contemporary luxury car dealership. We’ll let Enes take over in this snippet…

Number 2

This absolutely massive monster of a mansion comes from one of our fave luxury channels Producer Michael. Monster contemporary estates seldom get any better than this sumptuous feast of a beast. Whoever the architect of this stunning masterpiece should get awarded for immaculate designs with impeccable views of LA. This one could have easily been at that top spot on our list, and is probably tied for it, but we forced ourselves to choose one. Enjoy the visual ride, my friends…

And there you have it. If you’re already livin’ like this, more power to ya. But if you aspire to live close to something like this, stay on your grind, stay focused and don’t let your motivation be distracted. Be sure to hit the subscribe button, like and share people as we have more to come. Until the next upscale top 5 video, take care.


Enes Yilmazer

Producer Michael

Jason Matouk Channel:

Ryan Serhant


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