The 50 Plano Studios “$250 Curvemonsters Summer Finale” Song Contest

Hey people! Despite all the things going on in the world, this has still been a fun Curvemonsters Summer 😊 And with summer officially ending September 22, we want to finish it off with something for YOU! If you can sing or rap, this is your chance to shine. Record yourself singing or rapping to one of two instrumentals we feature in our video mixes, and you could win a chance to be featured in our last video and win $250. Details below. Winning song will also be promoted across all social media platforms.


Use discount code “CMCONTEST” to get 90% off the price of the song (below) to perform your lyrics to.

Void where prohibited. Must be 18 and over to enter.

Only one song entry per artist. Duplicate submissions will void your entry.

All lyrics must be original.

You retain all rights to your lyrics. The instrumental copyright belongs to 50Plano Studios. The winner can separately enter an arrangement with 50Plano Studios to lease/use the beat according to agreed upon terms.

Your lyrics must include a reference to “Curvemonsters” and the summer ending, or related to summer fun, swimwear, etc., in a tasteful manner. We reserve the right to edit explicit lyrics to be acceptable to social media platforms.

Submission deadline: 12 noon CST September 18, 2020.

The winner agrees to allow us to use the lyrics royalty free specifically for the Curvemonsters Summer Finale video, which is available worldwide. If the winner has a professionally made promo photo, we may use that as part of the video promo and the winner grants us the right to use said image specifically for this video only.

For the winner: Include mailing address if you prefer mailing a gift card, or a bank account for a PayPal payment from our parent company Samsona Corporation to your account (we only support PayPal payments, no cash apps).


  1. Fill out the entry form – Full name, Age, Address. Your information will not be used for any other purpose.
  2. You can choose one of two ways to listen to any of the instrumentals (full list here, or pick “A Bedroom Vibe” or “Cap’n Gapp” (click either link to download, using the 90% off discount code above):
    1. Visit one of our music streaming pages to download the instrumental (coupon code will be provided for those sites that require payment so that the download is free). If you record yourself using social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, or others, be sure to tag “@Curvemonsters” or the production company “@fiftyplano”
    1. View one of the Curvemonsters videos with either song already in it (videos on or after 8/22/2020). If you choose this approach, be sure to record your lyrics in WAV (44k/16 bit minimum) and then upload to a SoundCloud or similar account. Email us the link (we’ll provide the email link).
  3. Record your lyrics. Do not plagiarize or otherwise illegally use copywritten lyrics. All lyrics must be original. Minimum two 16 bar verses and one 8 bar chorus/hook format. If you have questions about this, research song construction online or ask us (we can’t promise to reply promptly, but will try).
  4. Upload a clean, mastered version to a SoundCloud, BeatStars or similar online account, or email us the MP3 to john Include a lyric sheet.
  5. Be sure to not miss the deadline!
  6. We will notify the winner within 24 hours of the deadline.


$250 via PayPal or mailed Gift Card

Featured promotion across all our social media platforms for CurveMonsters and 50Plano, as well as and

Song Contest Entry Form

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