50 Plano the lifestyle brand

50 Plano the Brand Ambassador

Plano, Texas, has been routinely ranked as the wealthiest or near wealthiest city in America by various media outlets including CNN, USA Today, Associated Press, Forbes and others. But with neighboring affluent Dallas suburb Frisco on our tail, does wealth ranking really matter? What is affluence or luxury without a brand to set Plano apart from just being another city with a lot of wealth? Luxury, wealth and affluence shift a lot these days along with the winds of social media change. Being snobby is so 2010. What matters is the staying power and influence of the brand Plano is becoming as it sits in the most affluent county in the nation.

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As a McKinsey report on luxury branding states, “it’s important to understand that building a sense of lifestyle is a slow, evolutionary process that requires patience and care. Too many brands have rushed into expanding both categories and message touchpoints without first defining their core values.” The Plano brand has been bubbling for some years now. Time to put the crowning jewel on it.

Willow Bend | Plano

Lifestyle. Success. Charity. These are the key visionary concepts driving 50 Plano to deliver the image of Plano and Collin County to the world the right way.

Lifestyle is the visual language of what Plano is all about.

Success is the stories of each of us who live in or near Plano, how we worked hard, and played harder. But success is not just sitting back and enjoying it…it is also conveying it to those who aspire to be successful, including those less fortunate.

Charity is not simply throwing money at the less fortunate and sealing ourselves off in an ivory tower of opulence. It is being hands on and going forth, showing the less fortunate how to succeed even at the lowest point in their lives. Jack Graham at Prestonwood Church, which has a lot of affluent Plano members, embodies this spirit and advises his members to be more active. We agree.

Capital Grill – The Bar | Shops at Legacy Plano

50 Plano is the well-appointed social media brand ambassador to capture some of the essence of this affluent city, its lifestyle, its heartbeat, and present that brand to the world. From Legacy Business Center, Shops at Legacy, to the Willow Bend Estates and Shops at Willow Bend, 50 Plano sets a foundation for linking Plano’s affluence to its responsible influence. With national, and even worldwide attention being brought to Plano in light of the move of the national headquarters of Toyota and Liberty Mutual, among others, the Plano brand needs more grooming and cultivating beyond traditional media.

50 Plano is the nexus of the social media branding of the Plano lifestyle. 50 Plano subscribes to an international luxury lifestyle.

The Fountains | Shops at Legacy Plano




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