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A very fun looking circus is performing daily shows through March 28, right down the street from our studios here in Plano, Texas, just north of Dallas. CIRCUS VAZQUEZ, a family favorite for over 50 years, is bringing its brand-new 2022 show to Riders Field, not far from IKEA, in Frisco, Texas.  You can’t miss it with Its uniquely-colored big top tent! Lots of exciting performances featuring world-class circus talent led by the celebrated “Clown of Clowns” from Italy, David Larible. Also check out the website for other interesting events coming to Frisco. And also follow us for the nightlife in Plano, Frisco and The Colony that is some of the most exciting suburban nightlife vibes in the country.

From the Supercar Blondie YouTube Channel and the website comes this beast of a concept car based on hydrogen power technology out of Slovakia.

To quote “We all must have heard about hydrogen-powered cars at this point, so there’s no big deal when another one is announced, right? Wrong! One look at this unbelievable Slovakian beauty is all it took for us to fall in love. Further revelations only made things more certain — the Matador MH2 is the future we want to see on the road.” I can almost imagine ridin’ through the upscale shopping village roads of Legacy West, Shops at Legacy, The Star in Frisco, and Grandscape in The Colony in this dream machine, all eyes on me. We can only dream about when this will be turned into a street ready beast, but at zero emissions, this beast will leave no footprint on the environment.

Finally, with DFW cities like right here in Plano, Frisco, The Colony, McKinney and others seeing big increases in housing prices and of course property taxes, more and more area residents and local real estate investors are going further outside the metroplex to once sleepy suburbs like Mansfield and Forney, and even further out east to Terrell and East Texas towns like Tyler, almost 2 hours away, for more affordable housing opportunities. According to Dallas Business Journal:

“Dallas-based residential real estate brokerage The Ebby Halliday Cos. has acquired Homes & Properties Realty, based in the East Texas town of Jacksonville, giving the North Texas powerhouse an outpost in a nearby but far less expensive housing market.”

“According to, Jacksonville’s median home listing price is $185,000, or about $110 per square foot. That compares to a $400,000 median listing price, or $229 per square foot, in the core Dallas area.”

In Mansfield, south of Arlington and 40 minutes southwest of Dallas, housing prices have rapidly spiked up as DFW residents in more expensive communities are fleeing there to try to get something more affordable. But that hasn’t lasted long as Dallas Business Journal reported:

“Employers will drive how much workforce housing the city wants to see in the area. Currently, over 90% of the city’s inhabitants who have a job now travel outside Mansfield to go to work. The vast majority of jobs available in Mansfield are filled by people who live outside the city. The average new home in Mansfield costs above $700,000, he said.”

There’s been much talk of a housing bubble looming, but with DFW being one of the hottest markets in the nation, who knows how high these house values will go. There’s a lot of money pouring into the metroplex. And that’s our report.

If you are a successful businessperson or have a successful career and are an active part of the trendy, beautiful crowd here in our 50Plano Hot Zone, reach out to us as we plan to interview such people this Spring and Summer. See you in the next video, beautiful people.


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