Gucci and Tiffany and Louis V – Christmas in Plano’s Legacy West, Shops at Legacy and Grandscape

Moments in Christmas, a Poem…

Well it’s starting to have that familiar Christmas vibe

In the affluent neighborhoods near our Plano studios live

Grandscape in The Colony had all of the Whoville sights

while Legacy West in Plano had all of the lights

Cruisin by Gucci and Tiffany and Louis V

And all that jazz and a big Ferris wheel in front of me

Candy canes and oversized gift boxes setting the tone

Back to the amphitheater with that jazzy saxophone

What more can you ask for this time of year

as the Christmas cheer is near and dear

That’s the spirit of Christmas, the joyous season

And we can never forget that the reason is Jesus.

Enjoy the rest of the video…Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Watch the rest of the content in this video now!

Christmas Songs Featured:

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Copyright 2021 by Samsona Corporation and 50Plano Studios.

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