Cardi B loves Birkin! Which Marvel Comic Superstar is Dripped in a $90K Jaeger LeCoultre Watch?

Which Marvel Comic Movie Superstar is Dripped in a pricey Jaeger LeCoultre watch? Who has that monster Hermes Birkin bag collection?

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50Plano TV Upscale News Update

Which Marvel Comic Movie Superstar is Dripped in a pricey Jaeger LeCoultre watch?

Would you cough up $49 for a Pink Pineapple?

Who has that monster Hermes Birkin bag collection?

And some smokin hot, pricey whips to motivate you

These stories, and more, in today’s upscale update. I’m John the Cee Ee Oh. Let’s get you caught up…

Perhaps you’re quite familiar with some of the most luxurious watch brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Chopard, Longines and others. Yet there are some very exclusive watch brands to look out for such as Jaeger-LeCoultre. It happens to be the favorite of Marvel Comic Iron Man mega star Robert Downey Jr and is one of those very high end diving watches that can fetch around $100K. Fellow Marvel movie star Benedict Cumberbatch is the current face of the brand online. Nice branding campaign.

How many Birkin bags can a girl keep up with? Do you or someone you know keep their expensive purses carefully warehoused in an elaborately designed closet, perhaps with focused accent lights? None other than Cardi B showed off her monster Birkin bag closet this week, complete with a polished ladder to help her reach each shelf. And for her birthday last weekend, Kylie Jenner added a hefty priced Birkin bag to Cardi’s sprawling inventory. If you’ve been keeping count, Cardi has appeared in several of our updates since last week, so her and her PR team are managing her multichannel branding campaign very well, keeping her in the spotlight. Good job.

You know what they say about pineapples when it comes to romance. But are you ready for a pink pineapple for the holidays? And would you lay down $49 for each one? According to NBC Today, the expensive, hard-to-get pineapples are specially grown by expert growers in very limited harvests and is a product of the well known del Monte brand. Visit pink glow pineapple dot com to buy one, or two if your upscale romantic life is ballin’ large like that. And they are not dyed pink, by the way.

Finally, here’s some automotive motivation from a select group of stunning and pricey cars from Aston Martin…Rolls Royce…Ferrari…Mercedes Maybach…BMW…Porsche. These well manicured beasts of steel are examples of majestic engineering and polished style, emblematic of your desired status. Despite how turbulent 2020 has been, your pursuit of your dreams should not be hampered. Enjoy the ride my friends…

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